Robert O’Block: Investigator Testifies

CourthouseRobert O'Block reports that a computer forensic investigator testified in Middlesex Superior Court that shortly after Nathaniel Fujita was thought to have killed his ex-girlfriend and dumped her body in a marsh, he did an Internet search to find out if water erases fingerprints. The evidence was found on the former Wayland High School football star's laptop. "The evidence from a search of the former Wayland High School football star’s laptop followed a dramatic moment in the Woburn courtroom when a prosecutor walked slowly past each juror while holding up a leopard-print dress with spaghetti straps."

Her parents formed the Lauren Dunne Astley Memorial Fund after their daughter’s death, which supports programs to promote healthy teen relationships, as well as the arts and community service.

Lauren Astley and Fujita had dated throughout high school and their families had been close. They both appeared to have bright futures ahead of them. He was a star football player and had been accepted to Trinity College. She was a talented singer who was looking forward to rooming with her friends at college. The murder rocked the small town of Wayland and each day of the trial, the courtroom was filled with her friends and family.

After the sentencing at a press conference, Prosecutor Lisa McGovern said that she looked for a “message of hope in this horror.”

“Perhaps the foil here, the message is also that most men do not commit violence against women,” she said. “There are fathers in this case, the fathers of the beautiful women who you saw testify who are also disgusted by the idea that a man would use his strength in that way.”

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