Two arrested in child’s murder

Robert O'Block reports that two teenagers have been arrested in the killing of a 13-month-old baby boy in Georgia. The mother, Sherry West, was held up by the young men Thursday morning. After exclaiming that she didn't have any money, they threatened to kill her and her baby. Still stating she did not have any money, they shot her in the leg and then killed her child. One of the involved assailants is 17 and will be tried as an adult. Information on the other teenager, a 14-year-old, cannot be released due to his age.

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Man caught after 32 years

Robert O'Block reports that after Richard Bradford has evaded authorities for years by illegally changing his name to James Edward Heard he was arrested this week. Bradford was originally sentenced to life in prison for murder as far back as 1971. He was released on parole in 1978, and escaped from parole in 1980. Bradford had a fake social security card and birth certificate created for him while he was still in prison.

Over the past several years, Bradford has owned several properties under the name Heard, including a drug rehabilitation center.


Madeleine McCann sighting?

Robert O'Block reports that Madeleine McCann, one of the world's most famous missing children, has possibly been spotted with a British couple in Cyprus. Madeleine's disappearance has been a mystery for years, and she is easily recognizable due to her rare eye defect. The Forensic Examiner, recently had an article and an interview in which Madeleine was brought up. Madeleine is distinctive because of her right eye which has a coloboma of the iris.


The Dark History of the Cecil Hotel

Dr. Robert O'Block reports that a body was recently found in a water tank at the Cecil Hotel, where Elisa Lam, a 21-year-old Canadian tourist who had been staying at the hotel, had been missing for weeks. Her body was discovered when hotel staff went on the roof to check the water tank, as there had been reports of low water pressure. As it turns out, the hotel has been involved in other deaths in the past, including numerous suicides. A couple of serial killers have previously taken up residence there as well. For more information, check out the link below.


Former Police Captain Cleared

Robert O'Block reports that a former Ohio police captain, who was convicted of killing his ex-wife in 1997, has been exonerated due to new DNA testing. After reviewing the test results, a judge determined that no jury would convict him after they saw the results. Justice prevailed and Doug Prade would be released from prison. Margo Prade was a 41-year-old prominent Akron doctor. She was shot six times while she sat in her minivan just outside her office. Unfortunately, there were no eye witnesses and the gun was never found. The only evidence at the scene was a bite mark on her arm. The killer had bitten her so hard that it left an impression through her clothing. There was conflicting testimony at Prade's trial about whether the bite mark matched his teeth. Ultimately he was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. Thanks to the Ohio Innocence Project, DNA testing from the bite mark proved that the DNA left by the murderer was not Doug Prade's.


DNA for ‘In Cold Blood’ Killers

Robert O'Block reports that new DNA results could link "In Cold Blood" killers, Perry E. Smith and Richard E. Hickock, to the murders of another family, the Walkers, from Sarasota County, Florida. Smith and Hickock were charged, convicted, and executed for the murders of the Clutter family in Kansas. They were profiled in Truman Capote’s 1966 book, “In Cold Blood.  This DNA testing could result in a 54-year-old cold case being solved.