Robert O’Block: Parade Shooting

Robert O'Block reports that 12 people were injured during a shooting at a Mother's Day parade today. The police are searching for three suspects. Police were at the parade and saw two to three suspects running away from the scene after the shooting in the 7th ward. Police Chief Serpas reported that the youngest victim is believed to be a 10-year-old girl. It isn't believed that she was seriously hurt and just suffered a graze wound.

There were about 300 that were in attendance at the jazz band parade when the shots were fired. The police aren't sure what triggered the attack. There were 11 people admitted to Interim LSU Public Hospital. It is believed that none of the injuries were life threatening.

The parade was a second-line parade. This type of parade is one in which people form a loose procession and dance down the street as they follow a brass band. Sometimes this type of brand is impromptu and sometimes they are planned. Today's event was organized by a social club called The Original Big 7.

Published by Robert O'Block, founder of American College of Forensics Examiners Institute.


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