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ACFEI Robert O'Block

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Law enforcement has been a lifelong passion for Robert O’Block, as he began his duties as an officer at the young age of 19, and continues to support numerous sheriff departments throughout the nation today. Dr. O’Block’s service started as simply a way to aid in financing his college education, but has far exceeded such means. In the small town of Frontenac, Kansas, Dr. O’Block took his first job as a police officer, working the graveyard shift and earning his criminology degree during the day. While this depressed mining town was not the most intense locations as far as law enforcement is concerned, it is where Dr. O’Block first realized the financial struggles that small-town departments have to overcome. Also, he came to discover the importance that these under-funded departments have in American society.

A vast majority of these departments have fewer than 10 officers, most of whom have been part of the community in which they serve for their entire lives. His experience in Kansas opened his eyes to discover that these close ties between law enforcement and the community help to prevent crime. Unfortunately, many of these departments are being downsized or have an extreme lack of resources compared to departments in urban areas. This is a problem that Dr. O’Block has recently set out to solve.

While Dr. O’Block has immensely contributed to forensics and law enforcement throughout his career and development of ACFEI, his recent endeavor, Business Owners Supporting Sheriffs (B.O.S.S.) got its kick-start in 2008. It was during this year that he was invited to attend the FBI’s Citizens’ Academy in Quantico, Virginia. This academy is designed to build trust and understanding about law enforcement, instill civic responsibility among community leaders, and ultimately create safer communities. For 10 weeks, Dr. O’Block made constant commutes between Springfield, MO and Quantico, and successfully completed the training, obtaining certification in 2008. But Dr. O’Block was only in the beginning stages of what he was to accomplish in regards to constructing secure communities.

Shortly after graduating from the FBI’s Citizens’ Academy, he was invited to join InfraGard, a large national alliance between the FBI and private sectors whose goal is to protect critical infrastructures. Part of the responsibilities of InfaGard is to share information that could assist in exposing criminals and terrorists. As if all this wasn’t enough to fulfill his duties to the community, Dr. O’Block would soon seek further measures to help protect his community and country.

November 22, 2010 marks the date of Dr. O’Block’s graduation from the 700 Hour Basic Law Enforcement Training Course conducted by the Missouri Sheriff’s Association. It was throughout this training course in which Dr. O’Block was reminded of the struggles small-town departments face due to budget cuts. Having experienced similar frustrations when working as a police officer in Frontenac, he decided that someone needed to solve the problem. Who better to tackle the task than heavily trained and deeply involved, Dr. Robert O’Block? He decided to create B.O.S.S, a national organization that encourages business owners and civic leaders nationwide to help support their local sheriff’s department.

Each local independent chapter of B.O.S.S is committed to ensure that their local department has the essential equipment and training to provide appropriate emergency response for the community. Dr. O’Block also manages a Web site,, which assists communities in starting a local chapter of their own. From his beginnings in law enforcement as a young man, to his most recent B.O.S.S project, Dr. O’Block has more than proven his dedication to creating safe communities. His willingness to complete any and all of the necessary steps to succeed in this goal has made an incredible difference for numerous departments and communities across the country.

Robert O’Block is founder of the American College of Forensic Examiners International (ACFEI). ACFEI is the largest professional forensic education organization in the world and honored to have as its advisory board members many of the top forensic experts of the 21st century. As all humanity now thrives in the Information Age, Dr. O’Block & ACFEI continues to investigate development of forensic educational services that incorporate Information and Communications Technology. Plans have been made to one day offer the forensic field educational services focused on Cyber Justice, iPredator, Cyber Criminal/Forensic Psychology and Digital Forensics.       

Feel free to visit their website at If interested in contacting Dr. O’Block or ACFEI, their phone number is (800) 423-9737.