Former Police Captain Cleared

Robert O'Block reports that a former Ohio police captain, who was convicted of killing his ex-wife in 1997, has been exonerated due to new DNA testing. After reviewing the test results, a judge determined that no jury would convict him after they saw the results. Justice prevailed and Doug Prade would be released from prison. Margo Prade was a 41-year-old prominent Akron doctor. She was shot six times while she sat in her minivan just outside her office. Unfortunately, there were no eye witnesses and the gun was never found. The only evidence at the scene was a bite mark on her arm. The killer had bitten her so hard that it left an impression through her clothing. There was conflicting testimony at Prade's trial about whether the bite mark matched his teeth. Ultimately he was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. Thanks to the Ohio Innocence Project, DNA testing from the bite mark proved that the DNA left by the murderer was not Doug Prade's.